The Gambit Emergency Axle Replacement (G.E.A.R)

Why you need it:

Do you carry a spare belt?  Yes!... who doesn't.

Do you carry basic tools?    Uh...Yeah!

Do you carry a spare tire?   Most of the time.

Do you carry spare axles?   Probably not... who has room.

A broken axle on the trail used to be the end of the ride, and the start of a long...slow...painstaking journey back to camp (hopefully your cooler is full).   

What is it:

The Gambit Emergency Axle Replacement (G.E.A.R) is a device that acts in place of an outer axle cv joint (where the axle nut is located) securing your hub assembly, which allows your UTV to operate at near normal conditions. It is designed to be used in the unfortunate event of a broken axle.

What happens if you don't have it?

Continuing to operate your UTV with a broken axle has the potential of damaging other components such as your trans axle or front differential. You can only possibly prevent damage by traveling extremely slow, which is not ideal when you're a long way from camp. Removing your axle and continuing down the trail leaves your hub free floating in the knuckle and the entire wheel and hub will fall off!

Benefits of the G.E.A.R:

The G.E.A.R acts in place of an axle to get you back to camp or to continue your weekend until the proper repairs can be completed.

•It is usable on any hub assembly front or rear (passenger or driver)

•Universal application across a multitude of UTV models

•It is easily storable (size of a sunglass case)




The Bottom Line: 

The G.E.A.R is the only Patent Pending emergency axle replacement solution on the market. Every UTV owner needs to have one!

  • Failed Outer Joint

    A common axle failure where the GEAR saves the day!

  • Failed Axle Nut

    Another way an axle can fail where the GEAR comes in handy!

  • Blown Front Diff

    If your diff fails, install two GEAR's in place of both front Axles and get back on the trail!