About Us

Co-founders and long-time friends Chris and Troy both grew up in and share a deep connection to Sonora, a small county town in Northern California. Sonora is not just their home; it's the birthplace of Gambit Off Road. With a passion for off-roading and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, they have combined their skills and expertise to develop innovative products for the off-road industry.

Gambit Off Road (GOR) is a solution-driven company with a clear mission: to keep your UTV on the trail and off the trailer. Our product line is inspired by real-life off-road situations and personal experience. Each product is designed, manufactured, tested, and packaged right here in Northern California.

As avid UTVer’s we know the importance of being prepared for any situation that may arise on the trail. Our primary focus is on trail fixes that prevent unsafe downtime or the interruption of your fun. We believe in delivering quality products and peace of mind to fellow UTVer’s. It is this commitment to developing products that drives our entire process.

  • Failed Outer Joint

    A common axle failure where the GEAR saves the day!

  • Failed Axle Nut

    Another way an axle can fail where the GEAR comes in handy!

  • Blown Front Diff

    If your diff fails, install two GEAR's in place of both front Axles and get back on the trail!